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SlabDrain Accessories

A complete trench drain solution requires more than just channels and grates. Correct solution of outlets to plumbing pipework (outlets through in-line pits or direct pipe connection) plus closing caps at starts and ends of trench and other items such as pipe outlet connections, installation devices and strainers are all part of a complete system.


   End Cap

End cap - Fits SlabDrain channels both, male and female end. HK- Steel edge channel end caps are manufactured from stainless steel. HSK- Iron edge channel end caps are manufactured from black coated mild steel.

H100K-8 end cap

Part Number – 141805
Part Number - 141793
Part Number - 141794

H200K-13 end cap

Part Number - 141795

H300K-13 end cap

Part Number - 141796

H100SK-10 end cap

Part Number - 97334

H200SK-13 end cap

Part Number - 93460

H300SK-13 end cap

Part Number - 93470

   Vertical outlet strainer - 100mm bottom outlet only

Strainer for 100mm vertical outlets, prevents large particles of debris flowing into underground pipe system and causing blockages.
  1. Flexible prongs fit inside
    Schedule 40 4" pipe
  2. Lip on both sides hangs
    strainer from base of channel
outlet strainer