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New Patented trench drainage installation device

trench drain installation deviceInstallation devices for modular trench drains have been around for many years. Like other trench drain manufacturers, ACO has had a variety of installation devices over the years.

Many of these installation devices don’t  work very well – whether they be bits of plastic molded on the side of channels or steel devices that the trench sits on, many of these devices are add-on after thoughts after the channel has been designed.

With the new generation of ACO Drain design, ACO has taken the opportunity to design the installation device in conjunction with the body of the channel.  Apart from giving perfect alignment of joints and height the patented clamp locks two channels tight together as well as making sure the channels can’t float as the concrete is poured
around the channel.

trench drain installation deviceThe steel clamp mechanism works by using proven technology of a wedge to lock the device around the two channels.  The installation device is bolted to two pieces of rebar or other rod support the channels leaving a gap under the channel for the concrete haunch.  The installation device is ‘lost’ within the concrete haunch.

The new ACO Drain installation device is available that fits both K100 and S100K 4” internal width channels.  A slightly larger devise fits both the K200and S200K and the largest device fits K300 &S300K.

For more information please contact your local ACO sales office.


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